Chef's Bio

Chef Amar Suryavanshi

Amar Suryavanshi:
A Culinary Maestro

Amar Suryavanshi, a graduate of Maharashtra State Institute of Hotel Management and Catering Technology, embarked on his culinary journey in 2003. After honing his skills for five years as a chef at Le Meridien Pune, he relocated to the United States in January 2008.

Amar specializes in two domains: Biryani and Grilled Indian cuisine. His biryanis, a fusion of tradition and innovation, offer a taste of India's heart and soul. His grilled creations, including succulent kebabs and tandoori delights, burst with bold flavors.

His dedication to authenticity, premium ingredients, and creative excellence has made him a highly sought-after chef. Beyond the kitchen, Amar actively promotes Indian cuisine and culture globally through workshops and collaborations.

Beyond his culinary achievements, Amar Suryavanshi finds strength and support in his beautiful family, which includes a loving wife and two adorable daughters. They are the bedrock of his life, inspiring and empowering him as he passionately pursues his dream.

Amar Suryavanshi's culinary legacy is a testament to his unwavering passion and commitment, uniting people across borders through the universal language of food.